Rapid Setting Cement - Rapidcas N20

Rapid Setting Cement - Rapidcas N20 is a special formulated sand/cement mix which is easy to use and trowel and designed to set hard in about 60 minutes. Rapidcas N20 is satisfactory for even the most arduous conditions e.g. open to traffic within 2 hours. It has good bonding strength especially when used in conjunction with a polymer primer which can also be used to advantage as a 10% addition to the mixing water.

Typical compressive strengths for:



3 hours


6 hours


24 hours


7 days


Rapid Setting Cement N20 also meets the DOT directive for Roads and Bridges HD 27/94 VOL 7 Sec. 2: Mortars for bedding iron work such as manhole cover frames during repairs may be trafficked when the strength is expected to be 20 N/mm. For rapid construction this strength should be achieved within 2 hours.

Vitcas Rapid Setting High Strength Cement - Rapidcas N20


  • Setting manhole frames and street furniture.
  • Setting kerbstones.
  • Setting handrails, posts and signs.
  • Filling cracks and holes in walls and floors.
  • Sealing joints in drains and pipes, cracks and repairs toponds and pools.
  • Fish stock should be protected by coating the repair witha suitable pool paint before re-filling.
  • Repairing damaged concrete, masonry, paths, steps, garage runways etc.
  • Grouting bolts and fixings.
  • Sealing leaks in tunnels, dams, mines andother excavations.
  • Work on sea defences between tides.
  • Work in sub-zero temperatures e.g. cold stores.

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