Heat Resistant Plaster

Vitcas® Heat Resistant Plaster is a high temperature resistant smooth finish protection up to 650oC /1200 oF for use on walls and chimney breasts, hole in the wall fires and cassette stoves. Should be used in conjunction with Vitcas® Fireplace Render.


The plaster should be used in the areas subject to intense heat approx 3m2 (32 ft2 ) around the fire opening. Maximum recommended thickness of the material is 6mm. Remove all traces of old render and plaster on the wall or part of wall to be treated. Re-render using Vitcas® Fireplace Render prior to applying Vitcas® Heat Resistant Plaster. It is important to ensure that the Vitcas® Fireplace Render is fully dried prior to applying Vitcas® Heat Resistant Plaster. The Vitcas® Fireplace Render should be left to dry for at least three days in temperatures above 20 degrees centigrade and for longer if moisture is still present as apparent by the colour of the material. If possible apply heat after the first day eg. light the fire or use another type of heater. Prepare the area by coating with undiluted Vitcas® PVA Adhesive Sealer. The plaster can also be used directly onto Vitcas® High Temperature Plasterboard (after coating with Vitcas® PVA Adhesive Sealer)  but it is not suitable for use on any other type of board.


Heat Resistant Plaster

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