High temperature cloth

A range of industrial, heat resistant and insulating woven textile fabrics in ceramic fibre (1260oC), silica fibre (1000oC) and glass fibre (600oC) with various coating options including vermiculite, graphite, acrylic and aluminium foil.

Neoprene Coated Fiberglass Cloth

Neoprene Coated Fiberglass Cloth has a temperature resistance up to 180oC short term temperature, an excellent endurance and resistance to oil spills, corrosion and weather.

Calcium Silicate Cloth

Vitcas Calcium Silicate Cloth has excellent applications such as in flexible expansion joints and insulation jackets, due to its many characteristics like resistance to chemicals and oil spills and water repellence.

Polyurethane PU Coated Fiberglass Cloth

Polyurethane PU coated SMOKE cloth can be used in many fire and smoke applications due to the cloth being impermeable to gases, halogen free and fire proof.

Silicone Coated Glass Fibre Cloth

Silicone Coated Glass Fibre Cloth is coated with silicone on both sides. This makes it resistant to chemicals and abrasion, as well as repellent against water and temperature resistant. 

Heat Treated Fiberglass Cloth with Wire

Carmelised Heat Treated Fiberglass Cloth is reinforced with Wire and resists temperatures not exceeding 600oC. It is resistant to chemicals and oil spills, abrasion, repels water and is weather proof.

Blue Acrylic Coated 2 Sides Fiberglass Cloth

Blue Acrylic Coated Glass Fibre Cloth is coated with the acrylic on both sides. Hence its characteristics are twice as effective as opposed to a regular glass fibre cloth with acrylic on one side.

Glass Fibre Aluminium Coated Cloth

The fibreglass cloth is coated with aluminium foil in order to reduce fraying and its fabric helps to effectively reduce loss of heat by radiation. Rated at 550oC.

Glass Fibre Cloth

Non-combustible fabric. Provides high strength and is resistant up to 600oC. Loom State is more flexible for curtains, drapes, etc. Weave Lock is more rigid for use in making covers, jackets and other machined items.