Ceramic Fibre Cloth

Ceramic fibre cloth is made from a heat resistant material and bio-soluble ceramic fibre. It is reinforced with stainless steel wire and can withstand high temperatures reaching 1100oC continuous working temperature. The short-duration working temperature is 1650oC. The bio-soluble ceramic fibre makes is safer to use and is better for the individuals' health, as well as the environment.
Ceramic fibre cloth Vitcas

Examples of Applications:

  • Protection against splashes of molten metal in metallurgical industry
  • Heat protection curtains for furnace doors

Related products

Graphite Coated Glass Fibre Cloth

Glass fibre cloth coated with graphite is resistant to 1000oC. Suitable for applications such as sewing heat protection quilts. Has good abrasion resistance.

Silica Fibre Cloth

The silica fabric yarn of the cloth is highly flexible. It has a high heat resistance up to 1000°C continuous working temperature and 1200oC short-term working temperature. It is also useful in filtering molten metals.

Silica Sewing Thread

Silica in the sewing thread provides a high temperature resistance and high tensile strength making it excellent for sewing safety clothing and insulating products.

Ceramic Square Packing Ropes

Ceramic square packing ropes are heat resistant to 1260oC. Used to seal doors of ovens and boilers and in industrial applications e.g. in power stations.